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In therapy with you, I bring my professional training, my life experiences, a unique perspective born from my Jamaican heritage and my open heart.

I believe in creating a

therapeutic relationship based on compassion,

respect, total non-judgment and full acceptance of the unique individual you are, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or spiritual preferences.

I am a Certified Anger Management Specialist and am open to members of the GLBTQIQ and Polyamorous Communities. I am also 'Kink-Friendly'.

I work with you on

·Taking Control of Your Life · Self-Empowerment

·Relationship and Marital Issues ·Intimacy · Depression ·GLBTQIQ Issues ·Sexual Issues

· Affairs/Infidelity ·Anger Management · Grief

· Personal Growth ·Life Direction/Transitions

· Alcohol/Drug Abuse · Spiritual Growth

Love Positive Counseling

700 Old Roswell Lakes Parkway

Suite 300

Roswell, GA. 30076

404 218 9213


Tues - Sat : 10AM - 7PM

Your Reality Depends On You !

Let Us Change Your Reality !

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