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Can Your Life Feel Different? .. Can You Feel Better?

Thinking I have no control of my life? Asking

"Can I Feel Happy in my Life?? Why can't I fit in?" or

"What makes me soo different??!!" Feeling Stuck?

My famous countryman, Bob Marley,

sung these very memorable and wise words

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery..

None but ourselves can free our minds "

How you look at your life, view your relationships and

think about yourself colors the world you live in. You have the

power to change your situation. Within you is the ability and

strength to be the authority of your life. 

You Can be in Control of your Life.

I offer individual and couples counseling aimed at helping

you create the life you desire. I provide a supportive, safe

space to explore new ways of thinking about Yourself, Your

situation, Your life.

Evening and weekend appointments are available as well

as an affordable sliding scale fee structure. I am also a

participating provider for Aetna, Humana and

Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) of GA.

As my client, you will increase your self-awareness,

gain self-confidence and be empowered to make decisions

that positively impact your relationships, your career,

your finances, your health and

ultimately your life.


Your Therapy is about You, Your problems, Your issues, Your dreams ...


Your Therapy is about changing Your Reality

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